Thoughts on Working in the Office

Thoughts on Working in the Office

It has been only 3 months that I am working full-time as an office employee, but I guess I can already share what I like about it and what annoys me.

Surprisingly, I really enjoy the dress-code. We are supposed to be dressed in a decent manner, we cannot wear jeans or short dresses here, you know, regular stuff. But thanks to those restristions I am finally learning to look like an adult (wooow and I am only 22 years old!). And I also learnt to appreciate weekends, when I can wear stuff like Darth Vader t-shirts and snickers, much more.

I also LOVE the people I work with. That is also surprising, because last year I hated most of the people I was studying with, I seriously wanted to punch so many of them in the face, you have no idea. I was one of those grumpy seniors you might see in the universities. I don’t know why I turned into such a kind and positive person here at work, but it might be the so-called “honey moon effect” they taught us about in organizational behavior. (It turns out,  what I learnt in uni may be useful in life). It usually occurs when you start working in a new place and you fall in love with it and all the people seem to be very cool, funny and interesting. Unfortunately, there is also a “hang-over effect”… But I won’t think about negative things. For now I enjoy working with my collegues.

What annoys me is the amount of my life that I spend sitting down. I feel my back and neck are hating me more and more each day. They both are cracking, hurting and demand more physical activity. This part about working in an office blows. I know I have to do something about it, I should do some sports in the mornings or on the weekends. I am a lazy person, though :( For now, all I can do for my back is taking the stairs instead of the elevator as often as possible. Another problem that comes with sitting down too much is getting fat. I am a quite slim person, and I am not overweight for now, but since I have started work I gained at least 5 kilos.

Another thing I cannot stand about working in an office is the amount of concentration it deamands. I find it hard to stay focused on work-related tasks the whole day, it drives me crazy and makes me want to sleep. I usually try to fight it by listening to music, but you can’t really do that 9 hours straight.

So these were my main points about my work.. I am also starting to hate myself for not deciding what to study on my own. I was so scared to choose that I let my dad decide for me. Back then, I didn’t realize I could become ANYONE I wanted. I didn’t even think about anything connected with media production… I didn’t do my research on time. On the other hand, if I didn’t go to Vienna to study, I probably wouldn’t get together with my boyfriend (who made this website for me btw). So I woudn’t say I have a lot of regrets about my life. I am just shocked about how little I understood about it when I was 17.