Thoughts on Working in the Office


It has been only 3 months that I am working full-time as an office employee, but I guess I can already share what I like about it and what annoys me.

Surprisingly, I really enjoy the dress-code. We are supposed to be dressed in a decent manner, we cannot wear jeans or short dresses here, you know, regular stuff. But thanks to those restristions I am finally learning to look like an adult (wooow and I am only 22 years old!). And I also learnt to appreciate weekends, when I can wear stuff like Darth Vader t-shirts and snickers, much more. Read more…

My First (and hopefully not my last) Post


Well, hello there, my non-existent (yet??) readers.

I have just read a blog of my classmate. I knew she had one for a long time, but never checked it out, even though it’s quite popular. Why? I thought I was too smart for reading blogs, I guess. Now I know it was just regular female jealousy, and I am glad I can finely be honest with myself about it. The girl that I am talking about is one of those rare people who seem to know what they want in their life and do all they can to reach their dream. She is also one of the most self-confident people I know. So, the type of person whom lazy people like to hate. I mean, come on, how many of us can be sincerely happy for another person’s success? Read more…

Video – The Road to Etretat


A song from an old Russian animation goes: “There are a lot of professions, / but the best ones are in the movie making, / if you ever enter this world, / you will be forever happy, /movie, movie, movie, / and of course they are all lying /that it takes a lot of effort, /movies are a wonderful dream, /oh, sweet dream!” And, let’s admit it, a lot of us think exactly like that. Read more…

Flying elephants


Do elephants fly? I was always wondering about that. Otherwise, why do they need such big ears?